Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Living Room

Well we removed the wall between the sunroom and the living room and everything is starting to take shape.

The above picture is of my pregnant sister Sarah pulling out staples in the hardwood floors. We removed the carpet and low and behold there were beautiful hardwood floors underneath. We are planning on having them refinished sometime after my sister's baby is born. We found some interesting wall paper underneath the paneling on the wall. We have decided that because the wall paper is so horrid we are going to just leave the paneling on the wall and paint it with a lovely butter color. All the trim will be a coffee brown.

We have recently had the support beams covered and new outlets and light fixture rewired. We are waiting on the drywaller’s to finish the ceiling so we can prime and paint the walls. We will then sand the trim and then wait for my sister’s friend to do the floors. After the floors are done we will paint the trim. Then we will start on a new room. Be with us next time for standing room only or rock n’ roll.

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