Friday, March 12, 2010

We Have Been Approved

We have just been approved to adopt a puppy from Tailwaggers 911 in Saukville. Her name is Shian and we get to pick her up on Sunday on our way home from our godchild's baptism. She is a mixed breed and they think she is part Golden Retriever. The way it works is we foster her for five days and they the people from Tailwaggers come by and do a home inspection and if we pass we then if everyone thinks its a good fit we get to keep her. If not they will take Shian back to her foster parents place and we will keep looking. She seem like a sweet dog and I can't wait until Sunday. They all so supply the crate, leash and collar, so that we don't have to go out and buy all this stuff if it does not work our. Check out Taillwaggers 911 if you are in the market for a dog.

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