Friday, April 15, 2011

Are Your Beds In Order?

Well I’m on day 3 of taking clomid, was not feeling so well while taking it, but feeling much better now. I think it was because I did not eat a lot this morning and all the pills I take were not agreeing with my stomach. In case you didn't know AF came, at least the dr wants me to try another round of clomid. I was so happy when they told me that last weekend.

I know I have not been on very much, but since we have been having a little warmer weather here I have been trying to get my beds into order. We had some work done in the basement in November, which required trenches to be dug up around the house, so I have no idea what my beds are going to look like this year. I had planted a few peony bushes last year and I am hoping that they come up this year, we will see. The daffodils are coming up under the apple trees just like I wanted them too; I can’t wait until they bloom. I did get my seeds in the mail today. The poppies that I ordered are on back order and I don't know when I will get them. I very soon. They are pink and white. Shiann just loves the warmer weather. She is starting to shed a lot more, I feel like I am continually sweeping and vacuuming, I think I will take her to the groomer on Saturday, we will see. Hope everyone is having a great day and don't forget to turn in your taxes.

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