Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ok, let's start all over.

I have been super busy this last few months. We went on a great vacation to the dells in October for my birthday.

Did some great work on the house, painted the porches, painted the beam in the living room, and added a few new windows.

I am so happy with the progress on the house. We also painted the garage. Now as you can see we still have a few more window's left to do. Thirty One at my last count. We did seven this last time. We also want to put new screen doors on the house. I still would like to remodel the kitchen and do a few other projects. I have also been busy with Christmas projects. I am trying to make as many as I can for Christmas. I have made almost one for each person on my list. I won't go into any details here, but I will post pictures of everyone enjoying there gifts.

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