Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just when you thought Spring was here....

Just when you thought Spring was here what happens we get 3 inches of that nasty "White Stuff". I know I said one of my words was JOY but how can we have that when we have all of this snow. I has just ogling my spring plant catalog. I think the same thing happened last year. Next year I should pay someone to steal all of my catalogs until after April, then maybe we would not get any of that "white stuff".

It's been a few hard days this month but it gets better every day. The first couple of days were filled with me crying off and on, stupid things would set me off, when Steve would ask what was wrong all I could come up with was that is March. Hopefully by the time this month is over I will be pregnant.

But every day I feel better and better. I got two new Civil War Dresses, Auntie Barb gave me two of hers that she can't wear anymore. One is a nice light cotton day dress which is purple with white stripes. The other one is yellow with flowers and green ribbon trim. The only thing I have to do is open up the arm holes on the purple dress. Other than finishing my under clothes I am good. I should also have my bonnet done after two years its almost done.

I was going to make a dress, but then I thought what if I am pregnant and can't fit into it. So that is when Auntie Barb said I could have these two dresses. I did pick out some fabric and I think we are going to make a sack or maybe a dressing gown. O' I also need to get a hoop.

Well goodnight all.

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