Friday, March 30, 2012

Christmas is Coming

Yes I know there are still 269 days until Christmas, but if you have made a resolution to make handmade gifts for Christmas its like it might as well be tomorrow. I have completed 10 projects since February 22. 10 projects in 37 days. That is a great start. If I can continue at that rate I will have about 82 projects done by Christmas. 82 projects, I don't think that I even give out that many gifts, but at least I will have a great start on a present stash were I can grab a gift if I forget to make one for someone. The bags and mittens will probably go in that pile, except the red bag which I have made for Faith. Next project to start will be Sarah's (this is the yarn), (And if you are reading this Sarah don't look at the picture of this and don't look at my ravelry account under projects.)
I have purchased the yarn for it at this little yarn store just outside of Horicon call the Knitty Gritty Shop. It is a fairly new store and I highly recommend it. When I pulled into the drive and check the door, no one was in they were up at there house having lunch. It reminded me of when I was a kid at the vegetable stand and we would go in for lunch and then run out when we heard the bell. Well Dan came down and opened up the store it has a small selection of yarn, roving, and raw wool. They will also offer Organic produce from June to September. It also has a selection of gift items, toys, garden accessories, raw unprocessed honey, and a variety of willow furniture. You are also able to purchase 1/2 a lamb or a whole lamb from them in November. Not my cup of tea but its nice to know where I can get lamb if I need it. Well there goes my plan to roast a lamb for Easter. Just think I could get a whole lamb from them and roast it on a pit in my front yard. Don't you think that the neighborhood would just love that. According to my sister this is a much more acceptable menu for Easter as apposed to having Bambi, Thumper or Flower for dinner.

Have a great weekend.

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