Friday, August 4, 2017

Classes 16 - 32

Class 16 was all about Celebrating the Real You and keeping the commitment to yourself and changing your life by making weight loss and health goals.

Class 17: Tipping the weight loss schedule in your favor by following the energy balance equation to help restart your weight loss or maintain your results or bust thru a barrier.

Class 18: Filling up on the right foods like fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed foods.

Class 19:What you need to do when dining out. Example look at the menu before you get to the restaurant, have a light snack before you go, have sparkling water instead of sugar loaded drinks, and limited yourself to one drink.

Class 20: All about tracking to help you stay on track of your goals. Tracking food, water and exercise.

Class 21: Staying active will help you with your weight loss goals.

Class 22: Don't let your sweet tooth sour your weight loss goals! Instead, tame your sugar habit so you can still enjoy treats.

Class 23: 4 Steps to help solve weight loss problems.

Class 24:  Shaving calories off food to lose weight and still be able to indulge.

Class 25:  How to silence your inner critic and be more kind to yourself. You are your own worst enemy.

Class 26:  All About Meal Planning

Class 27:  Short cuts for slimming meals

Class 28:  Stop weight loss sabotage, and the trash talk that people do when you are on a weight-loss program.

Class 29: Managing your weight and time by scheduling your shopping trips, meal planning and exercise.

Class 30:  Getting back on track when you relapse.

Class 31:  Getting stronger and leaner by strength training.

Class 32:  How to party off the pounds and not blow your calorie sweet spot.

Class 33:  Being a successful loser with the top 10 habits.

Class 34:  Having a good body image has a huge impact on your weight loss success.

Class 35:  Do Fitness foods help or hurt weight loss?

So I have lost a total of 58 lbs at this stage of the game and I only have 21 more pounds to go. I am working on becoming leaner by strength training because lean muscle burns more calories.

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