Friday, June 23, 2017

Real Appeal and my First Class

1st Real Appeal Class

I started out by just tracking everything I ate. I did not change anything I ate but logged it ALL. The biggest shocker that I had was the amount of calories that I was consuming. My first day tracking I consumed 2,260 calories. So on December 13, 2016 I started changing my diet. This was also the day I received my package from Real Appeal. To be honest I was so excited about the program and this box of goodies only made it so much better. I received a food and weight scale with a recipe book, workout video with exercise bands and workout guide, tape measure, blender, plate, and measuring spoons and cups as well as the first seasons books.

Thursday came and I could not wait for class. Our instructor was so supportive and the rest of my classmates were great and so supportive too. We talked all about what we were looking for from Real Appeal. Were we looking to fit into an old pair of jeans or take our health more seriously. Me I wanted to lose weight and find me again.

Session 2 was all about exercise and getting moving to help lose more weight. So we talked about exercise and what gets us motivated to exercise. I felt like I did not fit in at this point. I don't like to exercise and nothing was motivating me to want to exercise. Until I started to see the weight come off faster when I exercised as apposed to when I did nothing.

Session 3 & 4 were all about Losing weight without feeling and hungry and design our own meals. At this point I was trying to just use Real Appeal recipes but when they had a guest chef on the class for the night it was great I went to the library and check out his books and eventually bought some of them on Amazon. I was missing pasta and the books had a great homemade pasta recipe.

Session 5 was about conquering cravings and emotional eating. I just found that I had to watch my snacks and the cravings for chocolate. But if I substituted them with something healthy or just had to have it, I would eat a little bit. This session helped a whole lot.

Session 6 helped me with my shopping. Making sure when I went to the store that I was buying the right things teaching me how to read labels and staying away from some of the processed foods has helped a lot. Cooking at home has been the biggest help in my diet. I know what is in my food, because I put it there.

Session 7 was great it helped me set up my kitchen so it was easier to lose weight. I cleaned all the cabinets, fridge and freezers out only keeping food that was not expired. I made myself a snack shelf and put my husbands snacks up higher so they were not in plain sight and I would not be tempted to eat them.

Session 8 was about managing your stress to help lose more weight. We talked about stress at home and work and ways to lessen it.

Session 9 was about Junk Food. I still struggle with Junk food I still love chocolate and sweets but my palate has changed a little and I still will indulge and have a little treat every so often but not all of the time. If we go out to eat I will sometimes order dessert but only eat a small piece and take the rest home for later.

Session 10 was about moving more to lose weight. It talked about getting up and doing more things to burn calories. Like standing while your are folding laundry and having to bend over to put the clothes in the basket. Parking farther in the parking lot or doing exercise at your desk at work.

Session 11 ..ZZZZ. Sleep It was about getting enough sleep. Making sure to get enough ZZZ at night can help with weight loss.

Session 12: Was about plateaus and how to get motivated and get the scale moving again if you hit one.

Session 13 & 14 were great all about going out to eat and still losing weight and staying on track when you have a party, weekend or vacation to go to. By looking at a restaurant menu and picking out what you want to eat before or eating a snack before going to the restaurant. This helped me so much when we went on Vacation.

Session 15 was great! All about supersizing your nutrition by eating the servings of fruits and veggies that you need and cutting out junk food. Using grains and other protein to help keep you full.

That was the first 15 weeks of my program. At this point I weight 216 lbs. I had lost 28 lbs. But that is only the beginning. Soon the next 15 weeks of my program and then I will have it up to date. Stay tuned.

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