Friday, February 20, 2009

In the beginning...

I recently was reading a blog regarding writing a journal once a week called 52Q. It has inspired me to start writing again and have started this blog. The 52Q is a craft project were there is an question of the week and you write it on a small card and you can decorate the other side. I am a little behind since this is the end of February and everyone else stared at the beginning of January. Well that is the story of my life. I always seem to be behind in a lot of the projects that I am working on. I can only see it getting worse before it gets better, because we have just purchased a house and will be signing the papers on next week Tuesday and moving on Saturday. The following is a list of the questions that I need to answer before they give us a new question on Monday or Tuesday next week. I think I will take this with me to the Laundromat this week.

1. What do I wish for this year to bring?

I wish for the New Year to bring me a chance at a child of my own for my husband and myself. A successful garden and completion of many items on our to-do list for our new home.

2. Am I afraid of change?

I think that everyone is a little afraid of change so to say that I am not afraid would be a lie. I try to embrace change but I think that is the most that anyone of us can do.

3. Do you believe in Fairies?

Yes, I believe in fairies, I believe you see them every day you just don’t know it. I believe they exist in glare you get when you look thru the windows and have to look away because they shine so bright. I also believe that my niece is a fairy child. I love that she calls me her fairy god mother. So yes I do believe in fairies.

4. When I look into my eyes, I see....

When I look into my eyes, I see hope, love and the need to feed my creative side. I see a loving wife who would do what ever she could to keep her husband and family safe and loved.

5. How do I feel today?

I am very excited we will be closing on our new home today. I am excited that I will finally be able to paint the walls any color that I want.

6. If I could do it all again, would I change anything?

The only thing that I might change would be that I would have gone to the community college in town instead of commuting to school in Chicago. It may have kept me a little more naive a little longer, but I think I would have been able to feed my creative side a little bit more than I was able to.

7. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would get my sisters to understand that they do not need to have a man or baby to be loved. The whole family loves them for who they are. They need to know that when the right man comes along it will not take a pregnancy to keep them with you. They will want to be with you just for you being yourself. My sisters need to find a way to identify the emotional leaches that they are attracted to and stop the blood suckers.

Well that will be my project for this weekend along with all of the packing that I need to do.

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