Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday

Well I hope everyone is enjoying Fat Tuesday, my little sister just stopped by my work with a raspberry Paczki. I could eat more than just one, but it would not do my diet any good, so it's only one for me. Well normally we would have Paczki on Fat Thursday but in the US you can only get them on Fat Tuesday, but if we were in Poland we would have had them on Fat Thursday. I remember my Grandmother making these treats, even though she was German. My fondest memories were learning to bake at my Grandmother's knee. We would bake cookies and bread. I also remember my mother and grandmother canning, and freezing like mad women trying to put enough in the pantry to last the whole winter and also get all the veggies done before the spoiled. I also remember my grandmothers fudge. I never did get this recipe from her while she was alive, but I was going thru some of the old church recipe books and I found a recipe with her name under it. What do think this recipe was? Well it the the fudge recipe. Let me tell you I was screaming and crying at the same time. If you still have your grandmother with you, let me give you some free advice, love and learn what ever you can from her because you will never know when you will lose her.

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