Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it's March here in Wisconsin and we have a nice fluffy layer of snow on the ground again. Yesterday I was sitting at home rotating between ogling seed catalogs and unpacking the piles of boxes in my new home, when we were hit with a snow storm. Well it did not start out that way, it started by raining for a couple of hours then the water froze on the trees, making them look like glass sculptures and with the wind whipping around the branches it sounded like some one was dropping beads on the roof. Then it started to snow, and here I was already to start my garden (not outside of course but inside). Well the snow put a damper on my mood, so all the egg cartons are sitting in the living room window already to be planted and I am not in the mood to put even one seed in. I think I have a Love/Hate relationship with snow. I love the snow at the beginning of the season, but I hate it when I get the spring itch to start planting. Oh well I guess I will never learn.

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