Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2nd, First Sock Is Now Complete

So I finished my 2nd pair of my 1st sock pattern that I have ever tried. They look so much better than the first pair.


So now that, that is finished I have started a new pair. Here they are:

Ya, I know its not much to look at but when it is done it will look great. Hey, don't get on my case, This is only 3 rows and they are really tiny needles. {sigh}

Over the weekend we had the greatest time for Mother's Day. We took my Mom and Antie Barb out for our annual Mother's day tea at Watt's Tea Room in downtown Milwaukee. If you are looking for a great place to have tea in Milwaukee, Watt's is the place.

It started with picking out our tea, for our first course it was a sampling of four kinds of finger sandwiches and some fruit. For dessert we had a fudge brownie, sunshine cake, and a hot scone. It was so wonderful. We will be doing it again next year.

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