Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where is the Funny Farm?

Where is the Funny Farm I have looked it up and the Funny farm can refer to:

• Funny farm, a pejorative slang term for a psychiatric hospital

• By extension, pejorative slang for many workplaces which are perceived to be dysfunctional

I have yet to find a Psychiatric hospital that is named the funny farm. I there for can not pay my sister her just rewards for her suggestion. Unless she works for a comedy club I have no idea where the Funny Farm is.

I have many bills which have been accumulated in the production of my at home do it yourself shock treatment. (No takers yet). So if she should get a check for 20% of the profits, shouldn’t she also get 80% of the Bills? I am not the best at Math, but I like the numbers and they look good to me. “I can be a bit dyslexic” aren’t we all.

Hey there is something that needs an invention, no not an invention a TV commercial! Dyslexic people need your help more then ever. Thousands and thousands of Americans are Dyslexic only your donations can help so please be generous. Just think thousands of dyslexic Americans and only you can help make a difference in a Dyslexic person’s life just think no longer being hungry, dirty, need new cars or letters switched around. There lives will be much better but only you can help. Send your pledges to 1-800-Dys-lexi ext: a .
Stay tuned for a new plot to thincken in our next exciting episode of four for the show or two pairs of plants.

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